Friday, April 5, 2013

Don't be a Jerk: Write Documentation

Developers hate writing documentation. And generally, users hate developers who don't write documentation. There's a subset of users who dislike going through documentation and will prefer to go directly in the source for whatever they're doing, but they're certainly not a majority. My position is that if you do not have any kind of documentation available, you're a jerk.

Developers who use time as an excuse should be aware that time they do not pour into documentation is time their users instead have to invest in it.

The thing is, most people who have shitty or no docs at all for their project, at one point or another, end up explaining it to someone directly, either over chat, face to face, or over another private channel. This explanation is documentation, and the question that person asked is an example of a need for better documentation.

Full article here: Don't be a Jerk: Write Documentation

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