Monday, March 4, 2013

Chrome does not load pages

I came across an issue where Google Chrome would not load any pages on a brand new laptop with Windows 7 but IE worked with no problems.

Initially found solutions with running Chrome with the "-no-sandbox" switch, but it it not recommended,

Finally found this helpful thread

The following solution helped:

This issue may be related to DisplayLink software, which is used with USB video adapters and some laptop port replicators.  I have a DisplayLink UVA+ USB video adapter driving a second monitor.  I was able to completely resolve the issue of Chrome not displaying webpages using the process outlined below.  There was no need to disable the sandbox or change the GPU settings in Chrome.
First, I unplugged the DisplayLink adapter from the USB port on the PC.  Next, I opened the Programs and Features control panel and uninstalled:
 -DisplayLink Core Software
-DisplayLink Graphics
 Unfortunately I did not get the version numbers recorded before they were removed from the Programs and Features control panel.  After rebooting, Chrome functioned properly, but my second monitor was (obviously) not receiving a display signal.  I then plugged the DisplayLink adapter back into the USB port on the PC and let Windows 7 Pro automatically find and install the drivers.  It did.  Now Chrome is functioning properly and the DisplayLink adapter is driving my second monitor.
 In the Programs and Features control panel, only DisplayLink Core Software (6.3.40660.0) shows up now.  DisplayLink Graphics is gone.  It would appear that the DisplayLink Graphics software may be a prime suspect.
 Google Chrome 25.0.1364.97 m
Windows 7 Professional (6.1.7601 SP 1 Build 7601)
DisplayLink UVA+ USB video adapter
DisplayLink Core Software 6.3.40660.0


PS. The laptop I'm using does not have a regular dock station but the one that is plugged in via USB that explains why none of my colleagues with regular laptops have this issue.

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