Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SharePoint 2010 wiki home page

When you create a SharePoint 2010 site based on the team site template it automatically activates WikiPageHomePage feature. So, when you open the created site it opens with the SitePages/home.aspx home page.
But the default.aspx page is still there. If you navigate to the team site and append default.aspx to the end of the url, http://host/sites/teamsite/default.aspx, you will notice it takes you to a page very much like the previous 2007 version of SharePoint.
The feature is not activated automatically on Blank site (STS#1) or Document workspace (STS#2)
For more details about the WikiPageHomePage feature refer the following article

Usefull links:
How to change the wiki home page programmatically:

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